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Low patronage at Blantyre Cultural Centre gospel show

A fundraising gospel show organised by gospel musician Owen Kayange failed to attract a huge audience at Blantyre Cultural Centre (BCC) on Sunday.

Kayange had said before the show that they wanted to raise K5 million for a child, Chigomezgo Zimba, whose mother passed on in the course of giving birth.

But a few people made it to the show which had artists such as Favoured Martha, Eliza Mponya and Allan Jogi.

There were also short performances from King James Phiri, Kayange and Gloria Manong’a.

But, despite having low patronage, the few that came made contributions during the show.

The mother of Chigomezgo was a member of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) women call-in programme known as Zokonda Amayi.

Some members of Zokonda Amayi programme patronised the show in order to help Chigomezgo, who is in need of artificial milk among other things.

They made contributions. The other contribution came from Maziko Matemba, who is a champion of maternal health, who contributed K100,000 with MBC, through its Director General Aubrey Sumbuleta, contributing K300,000.

Kayange, who performed with a CD, apologising to the audience that he had challenges to train with the band, hailed people for the support.

“I would like to thank those who came to support us in this cause. Of course, we would have loved to have more people but we are satisfied with the audience that came. Of course, we didn’t manage to get what we wanted but a lot of people have made pledges,” Kayange said.

Favoured Martha, who closed the chapter, also thanked Kayange for organising the show.

“As artists, we have a duty not only to entertain but to take up different roles to support our communities. It’s unfortunate not many people came out but this was a show worth supporting,” Favoured Martha said.

Blantyre Arts Festival Executive Director, Thom Chibambo, also said this was a show worth supporting and that it was unfortunate that people did not come out.

“I wish more people could come out because the show was for a cause. These are shows that need support and, again, artists have shown unity by supporting each other. I don’t know why people didn’t come out but the corporate world also needs to support such causes,” Chibambo said.

Chibambo and team took advantage of the show to bring awareness to the people about the Baf festival to be held at the same venue and Jacaranda Cultural Centre from October 6 to 8.

Of late, gospel shows, especially in Blantyre, have been failing to attract huge audiences as compared to the past and some artists have since said that this was a wakeup call for them to rebrand themselves.

Recently, Ndirande Anglican Voices’ lead vocalist, Dennis Kalimbe, said most gospel shows have the same line-up and lack freshness.

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