Lucius is light! Part 2


With Richard Chirombo:

And, if what I have heard is anything to go by, Lucius Banda was, still is, a philanthropist. Many a people have trod on the education path courtesy of Lucius, who funds hordes of learners. Good heart.

And, from what I hear, Lucius was not a know-it-all. Well, maybe he can be excused for being a know-it-all in Zembani Band, which [dictator], I understand, he is also not. Lost opportunity! You should have been a Zembani Band dictator Lucius! Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!H a!Ha!


All this teaches me that Lucius does not fall in any of the leadership categories Emmanuel Kant sets down.

I mean, Kant (1724- 1804), in his tell-it-as-it-is book Perpetual Peace— which he wrote in 1795 when he was 71 years old— observes that there are some three notable maxims that leaders [I mean, those who are bound to fall] follow, namely: Fac et excusa (Fist do and then excuse); Si fecisti nega (Deny whatever you have committed); Divide et impera (divide and govern).

According to Kant, leaders who adopt the Fac et Excusa concept “seize every favourable opportunity of usurping a right over their own State or a neighbouring State. After the action, its justification may be made with greater ease and elegance…”


The Si fecisti nega type, however, deny whatever they have committed. “For instance, if they reduce their people to despair, and thus to rebellion, they do not confess it was through their fault. Never. They place all (blame) to the account of the stubbornness of their subjects. If they take possession of a neighbouring State, they maintain that the fault lies in the nature of man, who, if he is not anticipating, will certainly seize upon the fortunes of another.

But it is the Divide et impera type that is funny. “If there exists among a people certain privileged chiefs who have conferred upon you sovereign power (primus inter pares), set them at variance with each other, embroil them with the people. Favour the latter and promise them more liberty, and all will soon depend on thy will. Or if your views extend to foreign states, excite discord among them; and, under pretense of always assisting the weaker, you will soon subject them all, one after the other.”

Well, Lucius was none of this.

Lucius was ‘light’ who, on a lighter note after heavy defeat, could even call for chipepeso! The battle is not lost Mr Light! Ha!Ha!Ha !Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha !Ha!Ha!

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