Lucky Stars Band sounds SOS again


Lucky Stars Band which is currently based in Bangwe, Blantyre has once again sounded an SOS saying they are in need of equipment.

The group’s front runner Boniface Ndamera said the group has already secured some of the instruments on its own but they are still in need of other instruments such as mixer.

Lucky Stars Band famed for the hit Chinafuna M’bale, is one of the oldest having started its performances in 1977.


“The year 2015 has been very good and we thank God for his mercies. We expect to do more in the year 2016 but the biggest challenge for us still remains equipment,” said the singer and guitarist.

He said last year they sounded an SOS that they wanted assistance from well wishers especially to help them on equipment.

“Some people have come forward and only given us false hopes. We are already doing well but then as a band we need equipment. At the moment we don’t have the mixer and keyboards,” he said.


Ndamera used to perform with Raphael Banda in the past years before his death in 2004.

“It has been tough performing without him, I miss him because he was very talented. May his soul continue to rest in peace,” said Ndamera.

He said despite the band starting in 1977, they started practices in 1975.

“It has been a long journey where we used to record our music at MBC then but now with technology things have changed. We are trying to move with technology although we have been hit hard by piracy,” said Ndamera.

Recently Ndamera also came out to say that he has several songs which he wants to record but because of piracy he has shelved the plans.

“These days musicians are not getting anything from album sales because by the time you put it on the market people have already pirated your music. I love music and this is what gives me my bread and butter but for now I cannot record songs,” he said.

Lucky Stars Band has two albums to its credit namely Chinafuna M’bale and Wakhonda Ubale.

At the moment the band has nine members which include four women.

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