Lulu plans more singles


Singer and producer Lulu has said people should brace for more of his singles ahead of his new album this year.
The singer and guitarist said yesterday that he has already made progress and has finished one single to be released early next month.
“As I said earlier I will be very active this year. More singles will come out before dropping an album. Actually I have already made a decision to release the first single early February,” Lulu said.
The singer said he has targeted February for the release because this is the month of love and that the song talks about love.
“The song basically talks about love in relationships. I am trying to encourage couples and all people, who are in love to truly love their partners and show them that they care,” he said.
Lulu said the song is titled ‘Sendera.’
“Sometimes it’s good to appreciate each other, for instance how beautiful she looks in a dress or how good your man is looking in a suit. We need to appreciate things which we normally don’t like doing and prefer to think they are small,” Lulu said.
He said since February is associated with occasions such as Valentine, he decided to put out a song.
“Through the song I want to help cement relationships but also encourage lovers to stick to each other. In most cases relationships break because lovers do not have time to appreciate each other,” Lulu said.
The former ambassador of GOtv has taken time to do more love songs.
“Love has always been an interesting subject and so that is why I have done more love songs. Love conquers everything,” Lulu said.
Lulu said most of the singles he will drop this year will be part of his sixth album.
So far the albums that Lulu has are Mbambande, Sindilora, Kumalembe, Akudziwa and Mwayenera.

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