Lulu steps in for Soldier

FLASHBACK—Lulu performs in Blantyre

Singer and producer Lulu, real name Lawrence Khwitsa, will lead Zembani Band together with his band Mathumela in a tour that is aimed at raising funds for legends Soldier Lucius Banda and his brother Sir Paul.

The two veteran musicians, who have helped greatly in the development of music in the country, are unwell with kidney problems and are in need of help.

Having worked with Lucius for over 12 years alongside Zembani Band before going his own path to create Mathumela, Lulu has decided step in with fundraising shows.


He said Sunday he has learned a lot from Lucius and now that his mentor is unwell he thought of coming in to support.

“Since Zembani depends on Lucius to pull crowds, I have decided to come in and play Lucius’ part as a leader in order to fundraise for him,” Lulu said.

The ‘N’zalera’ and ‘Kumalembe’ creator said, during the tour, he will be playing his songs as well as Lucius’.


“We are starting the tour as soon as Sunday, we are just finalising everything. I am also happy to say that some artists are also interested in joining,” the singer and guitarist said.

The artist wrote on his Facebook page that he does not have enough and that he was not the perfect person to do this.

“I still have to push some stuff too. But I have worked with Soldier Lucius Banda for over 12 years. He told me a lot about standing on my own. Now that this mentor, friend of mine, father of the industry in Malawi, my bandmate is unwell, he cannot do what he loves most as of now. He needs our support and indeed everyone’s,” Lulu said.

He called on people to be part of the cause saying Lucius’ family cannot do it on its own.

“Let us do this for Soldier and for the love of Malawi music,” Lulu said.

Lulu has since received praise from people for the initiative.

Lucius who is also Adviser to President Lazarus Chakwera on Arts and Youth opened up last week about his health and that of his brother Sir Paul and another brother Francis.

The ‘Mabala’ star has not been on stage since December last year and in his absence, his son Johnny Mr Zembani has been leading alongside Sam Simakweli and Nepman.

Lulu’s drive also follows another initiative by Get Well Soon Club which is seeking to raise close to K30 million for Sir Paul and Isaac Liwotcha. Get Well Soon Club has since already held its first fundraise at Mibawa in Blantyre.

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