Lulu to rebrand his music career


Lilongwe-based, talented musician Lulu real name Lawrence Khwisa, has announced that he will be re-launching his music career which has catapulted him to where he is today.

The singer and guitarist said in the past years he has been taking music as a hobby but now he wants to take it as a career.

Lulu said this on Saturday after entertaining an impressive audience at Mibawa Café in Blantyre.


The musician, who has in the past years been performing with Lucius Banda and his Zembani Band but now has his own band known as Mathumela, said he will be holding a big show to be called Lulu’s re-launching music career.

“I have been doing music in the past years as a hobby but now I have realised it’s a career. So I have decided to re-launch this career and I am serious about it. I will thus hold a big show which will called Lulu’s re-launching music career and this is where I will engage the corporate world and show what I can do as an artist,” said the ‘Nzalera’ hit maker.

Lulu, who is also a producer and owns a studio, said during the show he will also have time to sell out his Mathumela Company which he has established.


“I started music longtime ago when I was young, it is in my blood and I have grown with it and so I love what I do and I do it with passion. I am now mature and ready to give out my best. I have rectified all my mistakes,” said the musician.

The singer, who prides in producing songs for several artists including working on Lucius’ 18th album Thank You, also hinted that he is working on a new album but will not release it now as he wants to give other fellow artists time for their albums to sell on the market.

“Music is not all about competition, Malawi is small and as artists we plough in the same small market and so I have decided to hold my new songs for now and give time to others otherwise all the songs are ready. Malawi is not a big market just like in other countries where artists can release several albums without affecting each other but here it’s a different story,” said Lulu.

The artist has shown potential and has received a lot of praise from people with many describing him as a complete artist. Lulu is a producer, he sings, he plays different instruments and he dances.

But despite forming his Mathumela Band, he has failed to progress on his own.

Before his performance at Mibawa, the artist shined again at the launch of Lucius’ album at Robin’s Park on Friday and with three backing instrumentalists he showed he has what it takes to shine not only in the country but across the borders.

He continued his exploits at Mibawa Café and featuring three other instrumentalists, he conquered once again and left the audience begging for more of his songs.

At one time he even begged the audience to allow him leave the stage as he had been performing for long but the audience could not take it saying they still want him to keep performing.

He bowed down to pressure from the audience and offered two songs and in between he even invited urban artist Diktator famed for the hit ‘Yanga Ija’ to perform this song briefly.

Lulu offered several songs from his four albums namely Mbambande, Kumalembe, Sindilora and Ndakudziwa.

Musician Saul Chembezi heaped praise on Lulu for belting out a good performance saying he has always impressed during his performances.

Nd’efeyo Entertainment Director Khumbo Munthali hailed people for patronising the show which they organised following public demand.

“As Nd’efeyo Entertainment we just want to assure people that we will continue to bring out the best at Mibawa Café. We want people to know that we are good at organising shows and so far we have brought a variety of artists,” said Munthali.

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