Lusubilo Music Centre to host German artists


Professor Agnes Kim has said the Lusubilo Music Centre is making strides in the development of music and that they have several projects coming up next year.

Professor Kim said she was sad to lose some of the members, who were part of the Lusubilo Band.

The four members who left some months ago due to what they termed ill-treatment and that they were not being paid, have since formed their own band which is based in Lilongwe.


“I had very depressive days since the four members left the music centre. I felt really betrayed and my image got damaged but all the same only God knows the truth,” she said.

Professor Kim said she has now forgotten all that and is now concentrating on her mission of helping develop Karonga.

“We had the second graduation on December 15 and some members have graduated after spending four years at the centre. They however, remain Lusubilo Band members and teachers for the new students who have been selected following the auditions we conducted,” she said.


Professor Kim said they held the auditions on December 19 and that out of the 45 who came, they only picked eight.

Professor Kim, who also studied music said they will be holding a workshop with four jazz musicians from Germany starting December 30 up to January 9, 2016.

“My son Daniel, a jazz musician who is living in Berlin, Germany is coming again. He has been coming here since 2011 to teach students at the music centre.

Through these workshops we want Lusubilo Band to learn to play jazz so well and all the other instruments like saxophones, trumpets and trombones,” she said.

Professor Kim said that her son has created a project which she said is set to be sponsored by the Ministry of Culture in Germany.

“This is an exchange programme between Malawi and German and will see Daniel leading an 18-member group known as Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra in August 2016,” she said.

She said Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra will hold workshops with Lusubilo Band and then thereafter hold performances in Karonga, Mzuzu, Blantyre and Lilongwe.

“It is also planned that Lusubilo Band will go to Germany end October 2016 to perform there with the Andromeda Express Orchestra. This is a very interesting and meaningful project for Malawi and Germany,” she said.

Professor Kim also said that her son is expected to compose songs for the project and thus he is very interested to meet local artists.

She said she has since invited a group from Nsanje to come to Karonga on December 30 to be part of the workshop.

Meanwhile musician Charles Sinetre is currently working with Lusubilo Music Centre as a coordinator.

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