Mabel to launch brand in Dubai

EXPANDING— Mabel during one of her events

After launching her Boudoir by Doll Mabel brand in the Netherlands and Malawi, model and fashion designer Mabel Banda Khonje is now invading Dubai in United Arab Emirates.

Mabel will launch her Boudoir by Doll Mabel lingerie at 3BK, Burj Khalifa, on Sunday.

She said Tuesday she has worked hard to pull the strings together for her brand and that she was happy that people will now experience a fashion brand from a Malawian.


“This means more for not only me but Malawi. I am launching in Dubai but I am representing Malawi in the fashion world. The launch means we are growing and this is a big achievement for me,” the model, who held a Boudoir Fashion show last year, said.

She said she wants to penetrate more countries with her brand.

“I was very happy last year to launch the Boudoir by Doll Mabel brand in the Netherlands and Malawi and the support that I received was massive, which I do not take for granted. I have had lipstick followed by lingerie and men’s underwear and swimsuits for ladies,” Mabel said.


Her launch in Dubai comes barely a month after she donated sanitary pads to one of the schools in the country as part of the International Menstrual Hygiene Day.

“I want the Doll Mabel brand to be on top and creating brands for men and women for me is a huge milestone,” Mabel said.

She attributed her success to consistency in development of new ideas and concepts to the ever growing brand.

“Fashion is something that I have always wanted to get involved in. What makes Boudoir different is its uniqueness and comfortability,” the founder said.

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