MacDonald Masambuka case adjourned again


By Jarson Malowa:

The High Court in Zomba has adjourned for the seventh time a murder case in which 12 individuals were found with cases to answer in connection with the death of MacDonald Masambuka, a 22-year-old man with albinism.

On April 1 2019, the court adjourned the matter to Monday to give one of the accused persons, Catholic priest Fr Thomas Muhosha, a chance to find a new lawyer.


However, when the case resumed Monday, Muhosha said he would be ready to present the lawyer today.

This prompted Judge Zione Ntaba to order the suspect to bring his new lawyer to court today.

She placed the order after Legal Aid Bureau’s Trouble Kalua told the court that Muhosha’s lawyer would be available today.


“We adjourned this matter on March 5 to allow Fr Muhosha to find a new lawyer and we gave him 19 days. On April 1, we did the same thing and gave him 35 days to find the lawyer but he is yet to present his new lawyer.

“If he fails to present the lawyer on Tuesday, then we will proceed with the matter and Legal Aid [Bureau] will represent him in line with the law,” Ntaba said.

Meanwhile, State lead counsel Steven Kayuni has bemoaned the delays.

“It is uncertain that the defence will start parading its witnesses on Tuesday because the new lawyer will need to find more time to cross-check documents,” Kayuni said.

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