Machinga Boma to relocate


The headquarters of Machinga District will shortly be moved to Liwonde Township, authorities have disclosed.

This follows a recommendation from the government, which has issues with the geographical position of the district’s headquarters.

Machinga District Commissioner, Bester Mandele, said the geographical position of the current headquarters is not ideal.


“We will, therefore, move the headquarters soon,” Mandele said.

Mandele is already working from Liwonde Town.

Machinga District senior economist, who also acts as the District Development Officer, Molson Magombo, concurred with his boss.


“Liwonde is a central area,” he said.

However, Davie Lali, legislator for Machinga Likwenu, the constituency where the current headquarters are, said, although Liwonde is centrally located, structures erected at Machinga District Council headquarters may become “useless”.

Machinga District, formerly known as Kasupe, was renamed by former president, Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda, in respect of the first settlers at the Boma, who originated from Mozambique, then popularly known as a Machinga.

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