Madam Joyce Banda, come home or keep quiet


It came as a surprise to many Malawians that former head of state Joyce Banda (JB) told an international broadcaster that she is willing to come back if asked by Malawians to contest for the presidency.

JB has shown and proved that she does not love Malawi because, as a patriotic former head of state, she should have been with starving and struggling Malawians here in the country instead of jumping from one workshop to another from herself-imposed exile base in South Africa.

Before JB gets the smoke and thunder, let me first congratulate Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe on turning 80 last week.


This is the very good reason he needs to convince his boss that he is now too old and too tired to fix the economy which has now completely collapsed under his nose and watch.

At 80, he can hardly have new ideas which can help the economy bounce back to its old glory, when the Malawi economy could be the second fastest growing in the world after Qatar.

At 80, he should be home with his wife, Gertrude, chatting with grandchildren when they are on holiday instead of thinking of International Monetary Fund or World Bank assignments.


No wonder, it was only the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Northern Region chapter that celebrated with the Finance Minister by organising a bash for him.

However, the minister looked in no celebratory mood although his wife was by his side.

How could he enjoy a glass of wine when he authorised or unauthorised rather an historic and unprecedented K2 trillion debt for the government when the national budget is just K1 trillion?

It seems to me we have leaders who are headless, clueless and senseless.

I cannot believe that the minister allowed government ministries and departments to accrue such a huge and staggering debt.

Malawians need an explanation on how the money has been used. Parliament should use its oversight powers to find out how the Development Progressive Party-led government has used the money.

The cost of living for ordinary Malawian is unaffordable; therefore, it is only leaders who live on the moon or Pluto who can think of smiling with a K2 trillion national debt and buy the luxurious Lexus K100 million vehicle while telling the poor and the powerless to tighten their belts.

I am not surprised that the opposition has already started calling for the resignation of the Peter Mutharika administration.

The administration has proved to be insensitive to matters affecting Malawians and looks away to issues of corruption because the ruling party elite are involved in high-level graft; this is a fact.

Now, let me turn to JB.

I really laughed my lungs out when I heard her say she would come back home to contest for presidency if Malawians ask her to do so.

JB is a funny character and a professional liar; therefore, I doubt sincere Malawians would want her back as their president.

She told the VOA that she cannot come to Malawi because she is busy with research work.

Not long ago, she said she was not coming to Malawi because the Mutharika administration was not giving her a residence she is entitled to as the former head of state.

Fir s t of al l , she should not take Malawians as stupid people. We all know that she lives in South Africa since she lost the elections and the distance from Malawi to South Africa is just a two-hour flight.

If she is really in love with South Africa, she could just come here for an hour or two and return but she has never done that.

What is it that is forcing her out of Malawi? No one knows except herself and close relations, probably chief justice Richard Banda SC (Retired).

But for sure, the government will now pursue politicians in the infamous Cashgate cases after the current trials are over by June 2017.

We all remember how JB rushed to the courts to stop Zodiak from announcing names during the presidential election outcome; how she tried in vain to annul the general election results after it came apparent she was losing the election.

Then as the chief justice was swearing in Peter Mutharika, she was vacating Kamuzu Palace and other state houses, next day she was off in South Africa where she communicated with Malawians through press releases which castigated the government until the government told her to shut up; otherwise, it would reveal the secrets and she obliged to the government order.

She has let her party sink and if elections are held today, it can hardly have Members o f Parliament win on it s ticket, People’s Party is now in shambles, it is a headless party.

It would , therefore, be better if she keeps quiet rather than lying to us that she cannot come to Malawi because of university research work which is keeping her extremely busy. That is a blue lie.

Therefore, JB should just stay put wherever she is; no one wants her here in Malawi!

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