Make the impossible possible


By Patrick Achitabwino:

Imagine how successful you can be if you take the initiative to believe in making the impossible possible. Actually, you will be the most sought after gem. Take a step further; imagine you have made a decision to endeavour to your level best to be happy. What a fulfilling life you will have? Happiness is a state of the mind and if you wish to be happy, no matter how small the things you have, you will cherish them and they will be the greatest source of happiness in your life.

When you believe in achieving the impossible, you look at life without boundaries; you strive for the unachievable that becomes achievable. Consider the amazing story of the United Arab Emirates, which we most applaud for the transformation of Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is probably the only country on earth that has a Ministry for Possibilities and the Ministry for Happiness. It is not surprising, therefore, that in Dubai stands the BurjKhalifa, the tallest building in the world. Dubai has transformed its sanddunes into great sporting and leisure venues where one enjoys desert cruises. Dubai has underwater zoos. Dubai has Queen Elizabeth II ship that was transformed into a hotel. Dubai has water fountains that dazzle in the evening. To see impossibilities crumbling into possibilities, you only need to be in Dubai.


Never underestimate the fact that you are the leader of your life. Your vision will determine where your life shall end. Be guided by the principle to achieve the impossible. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoun of the United Arab Emirates long noted that and he stresses: “The word impossible is not in the leaders’ dictionaries. No matter how big the challenges, strong faith, determination and resolve will overcome them.”

Never should you underestimate the power of your talent, skill, thinking and ability to make a difference. Everything that dazzles you was made by a person who never believed in impossibility. When human beings were created, they were not created in a land that had aeroplanes, vehicles, ships, computers, mobile phones and everything that dazzles you. Humans were only blessed with the mind so that, by utilising the power of the mind, they make the world a better place to be.

You should not doubt that the world has many discoveries yet to be made and you are the one to make them. Every day, new knowledge is emerging, new innovations are changing the way we live, new philosophies are giving us a different perspective of the world. Find your space in such a magnificent world. Use your talent to showcase your greatness. Perfect your skills to become relevant in the world of never-ending competition.


To break the barriers of impossibility, strive hard to be the best at that which you do better. Every time you have to ask yourself, “what would the best person with the same skills and talents I have be doing with the very same skills and talents right at this moment?” When you realise how hard they will be working, how creatively they will be thinking, then you will become focused so that they are not that far from you.

To make the impossible possible, surround yourself with people that believe in possibilities of everything. When you are in the midst of greatness, you become great. Do not expect to soar like an eagle while you are brooding with chickens. Read biographies and autobiographies of those that achieved the impossible. Watch documentaries of those you admire. Make them your reference factor. Ensure that your circle of friends has the people that are achieving a lot to the extent that they amaze you. When you rub shoulders with them, you tap in their wisdom and you start living differently.

The world has many people that keep mourning. Do not join them. Mourning has never solved a problem. Multitudes are everyday resigning to failure all just as a result of inability to face challenges. Avoid walking on their path. It was well said and it remains relevant today: “We see the world not as it is but as we are.”

When they saw the sand in Dubai, they did not curse themselves for belonging to a barren land; they transformed it into a paradise. They built many exciting things. They built artificial islands. They have made Dubai the epicentre of trade in the Gulf. Change your perspective and all things will be possible.

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