Malawi Bureau of Standards wants metrology bill tabled


The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has said the Metrology bill expected to be tabled in Parliament this week will give powers to the bureau and government to control the proliferation of non-trade scales that are being used by some people to give false weight to buyers.

The bill was taken to Parliament during the 2014/15 budget review sitting in February last year but members of Parliament sent it back due to governments’ failure to follow standing orders that include taking it through the commi t tee of supply.

The Bureau’s Chief Executive Officer Davilin Chokazinga says the problem of non-trade scales is big in the country and that lack of legislation is fuelling it.


“This legislation is crucial considering that the bureau will have the power to control the nature of scales that come into the country. All the non-trade scales will no longer find their way into the country and in such a way Malawian buyers will be protected.

“The bill was sent back for corrections and we have effected them if government’s pledge is anything to go by, the bill should be tabled next week [this week],” indicated Chokazinga in an interview last week.

He said until such a time when the legislation is in place, according to Chokazinga, the Bureau will continue to struggle in its quest to quell the influx of the unwanted scales a development that exposes Malawians to unjust weights on the market.


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