Malawi craves visionary leadership


With Tsibweni Chalo:

Mdzukulu, Dr Myles Munroe, a best-selling author and widely acknowledged expert in leadership issues, observes that great leaders desire only to serve, not to lead, but because of the passion, focus, relentlessness, tirelessness, consistency and the commitment they display in the selling, promotion, pursuit and elaboration of their vision, they inspire and motivate a trusted following that embraces and shares their vision, and eventually chooses them to lead the cause despite their reticence.

But, once they accept the leadership position, they understand the importance of mentoring successors and actively preparing others to become leaders who will carry on the vision.


Any creation of a cult status is anathema to visionary leadership.

Mdzukulu, May 21 Tripartite Elections are over.

However, Malawi craves visionary leadership from all elected individuals to serve in various capacities.


Mdzukulu, just to fill some in, visionary leaders cherish the capacity to influence others through inspiration that is generated by their passion and commitment, motivated by a vision and values anchored on unswerving conviction supported by an irresistible need and desire to actualise the vision.

Visionary leadership is the key to a prosperous nation and the missing key in this country’s affairs in the multiparty dispensation.

Mdzukulu, the quality of life and success of a nation depends on the quality of its leaders’ visions.

Whenever a nation lacks visionary leadership, it cannot escape national stagnation and deterioration, underdevelopment and impoverishment—the nation and the people cannot prosper; they are at the mercy of all manner of tribulations and exploitations.

Mdzukulu, it is all doom and gloom for the country and the people; the glue and bonds of nationhood are weak and fragile and the people and the nation have no destiny.

Mdzukulu, national visions are always for the benefit of others and never personal.

Any national vision involves all manner of sacrifices.

A vision for a country and its people can never be negative or destructive. Its means cannot be negative: engendering needless suffering, pain or bloodshed, cruelty, dishonesty, intolerance, coercion.

However, there is a general consensus that all of the sacrifices of poor Malawians to realise some touted national pseudo-visions for the past 26 years have been for the benefit of their leaders and the leaders’ families and friends.

Though many factors account for this particular and dreadful institution, Mdzukulu, the opportunists revering illusory beautiful ‘feathers’, ‘voices’ and ‘eyes’ of the leaders mostly contribute to the leaders’ lack of ethical leadership and integrity.

However, the opportunists— who range from politicians, traditional leaders, media practitioners, academics, writers, historians, press officers, the clergy, civil society organisations, civil servants, legal practitioners, diplomats, foreign bodies and so forth— have led to the shrinking of political parties in both size and importance.

Mdzukulu, the opportunists sing juicy music to which the leader gradually dances until the leaders assume a mammoth’s proportion that disconnects them from the real-self, reality on the ground and the vast majority of the country’s inhabitants.

The opportunists have no scintilla of principles. No question, for, the past decades, Mdzukulu, almost all of them have changed party colours and leadership, praise-singing without disgrace, taking selfish advantage of circumstances with no regard of the consequences for the masses.

Then, for the leader and the opportunists to entrench themselves, it becomes a common pattern to displace and limit free speech and engage in strategic payoffs.

However, Mdzukulu, a larger section of the countryside remains untouched by any semblance of development as do the poor souls etching out a patchy livelihood from it.

All Malawians need is visionary leadership that can heal them from multifarious sufferings.

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