Malawi divine mercy pilgrims spirited in Rwanda


By Father Steve Likhutcha, Contributor:


The Catholic Church in Malawi through Divine Mercy Apostolate sent 60 pilgrims to Rwanda for a ten-day spiritual exercise that are held annually in Kigali, Kabuha and Kibeho areas.

Speaking during the closing Eucharistic celebration for the pilgrims at Kibeho in Nyaruguru District, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Gikongoro, Reverend Celestin Hakizimana, said God has always been merciful to his people and he intervenes in their various situations.


“As human beings, we sometimes aren’t satisfied with what God provides us with… we still have the desire for more. It’s time for us to appreciate what the Lord God does for us. Whatever we have experienced through the mercy and love of God should always be extended to others so that they too should experience the mercy and love of God through us,” he said.

The Bishop said God is faithful to his people who suffer for the sake of the Church in various ways.

Hakizimana assured all the pilgrims that God will abundantly bless them through their prayers and all kinds of agonies they went through during the pilgrimage.


Before departure for Rwanda, Archbishop Tarcisius Ziyaye of Lilongwe Archdiocese called upon the pilgrims to keep the discipline for pilgrimage so that all the pilgrims value the graces and indulgences that come along to all who participate in such spiritual exercises.

On the onset of all spiritual programmes in Kabuha Parish of Kigali Archdiocese, all the pilgrims were spiritually cleansed by Rector of the Divine Mercy Shrine Reverend Father John Baptist Mvukiyehe of Parotine Congregation before entering into the door of mercy (Porta misericoardiae). This was followed by meditative walk and explanation on various sanctified shrines just before the special welcoming mass celebrated by Reverend Father Alphonso Bizmungu at the Generate for the Parotine Congregation in Kigali City.

The pilgrimage went deeply into emotional state upon visits to Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre where according to Bonheur Pacific, an engagement officer of Aegis Trust running the Centre, sorrowfully explained to the pilgrims about what the 250,000 victims (buried at the memorial center) went through during the tragic 1994 Rwandan genocide.

In this genocide women and children of Tutsi Tribe were the main target as a result they were brutally murdered. Apart from men with deadly diseases raping the women in the public, some parents were ordered to kill their own wives or children before their own fate.

2018 Rwandan Pilgrimage included people from Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Zambia and Tanzania. Malawi Divine Mercy Pilgrims comprised of seven priests, three religious Sisters and fifty people from all the eight Catholic dioceses in Malawi.

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