Malawi does not belong to DPP


Mdzukulu, the biggest challenge Malawi faces is its until death-do-us-part relationship with predatory and visionless leadership that cannot trigger any meaningful development to take the country to the next step.

The yoke of mediocrity hangs heavy over our nation, sinking it and suffocating it each passing day because the leadership is full of it.

A 23-year courtship with mediocrity has brought us to the edge of the abyss of cluelessness and an embrace of President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is no doubt an until-death marriage with the conjugal rewards of the extremes of terror, hopeless economic stagnation, abject poverty and a dearth of a reasoned existence for our nation.


Imagine, mdzukulu, thugs suspected to be DPP Cadets Saturday hacked scores of innocent people who gathered at Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe’s headquarters in Rumphi.

It is reported their aim was to block Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Lazarus Chakwera, from attending the supreme ceremony for Tumbukas.

This is, mdzukulu, defiance of public expectation, reversal of a major election pledge and rebirth of State capture and rule by intimidation that Malawians hoped Mutharika’s election had terminally eliminated.


In the not-too-distant inglorious past, a much-aspersed DPP regime not only cobbled together legislation meant totake us back to the Stone Age but paraded panga-wielding thugs in the streets of Blantyre just to intimidate the citizenry when the sense of disillusionment with the Bingu wa Mutharika’s leadership was pervasive in the country.

Today, here they are-colliding with whosoever they think is blocking their imagined way to victory in 2019 tripartite elections.

And, mdzukulu, this is a clear sign that the DPP leadership – and those before it – has resisted the demand from the governed to unreservedly embrace enhanced political ideologies aimed at improved democratic and developmental outcomes.

But Malawi does not belong to DPP.

So, while it is apparent that Malawi is the most abused country by all sorts of rogues, on a positive note, DPP authorities and their rascals need to know that the country is in a multiparty democracy and it entails that every citizen must enjoy basic freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution regardless of party colours.

It is also true, as the saying goes, that leaders who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Most individuals do not need sophisticated measurement tools to tell the difference between good leaders and bad leaders. They feel the difference. They have experienced the effects at a very personal level. In general, good leaders are more effective than bad leaders in almost every dimension.

One would not expect that, with all cases of leaders who tumbled because they exercised brutality in their leadership, the current DPP leadership would freely be treading the same path by displaying total mischievousness in its operations.

But brutality, intimidation and violence are public enemies in a democracy that must be zealously loathed, hated and reviled; there are a grouchy weed needing total weeding out or complete obliteration from earthly existence to borrow from the common parlance of advertisers of pest busters.

Good leaders, mdzukulu, remain above board and exercise authority from irreproachable moral high ground.

In Malawi, unfortunately, all manner of public evil is protected, almost nurtured, so it can thrive for the good of the minority in power.

But these acts of violence are the last thing Malawi needs at this point, as these brutalities only succeed in hurting innocent and powerless lives.

Visionary leadership is a valued resource to a people with an entrenched culture of valuing solutions with broader and shared long-term considerations and, above all, an unwavering sense of patriotic duty to their country.

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