Malawi embraces tele-medicine


By Sharon Jumbe:

EAGER— Medical practitioners

Delivery of public health services in the country is set to improve due to a telemedicine system of communication that Dream Community of Sant’Egidio has launched.

The system of interaction between local and international doctors allows medical practitioners to share information on prognosis and diagnosis of diseases, thereby ensuring that patients are treated on time.


This was announced at a workshop which Dream Community and Global Health Telemedicine conducted in Blantyre Tuesday.

Africa Dream Coordinator, Paola Germano, said telemedicine would improve the manner in which doctors in the country provide medical care and services.

“Clinicians will be able to contact doctors in Europe through messages and online and offline means of communication if they are unfamiliar with a disease,” Germano said.


She added that the programme would fill the knowledge gap, in terms of treatment, in the health sector.

Ministry of Health Chief Director, Ben Chisamile, commended Dream Community for its efforts in improving the provision of healthcare service delivery to patients in the country.

One of the participants, Gift Kaunda of Ndirande Health Centre in Blantyre, said the programme is a panacea to delays that clog the process of treating patients in Malawi.

“Our hospitals lack resources when diagnosis and treatment are considered and, as such, this programme is timely as it will facilitate communication between doctors. It will, in fact, help us provide treatment at the right time,” Kaunda said.

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