Malawi government flouts procurement procedure on IFMIS


Malawi government is said to have contravened procurement procedures as it failed to open one of the bids for another software provider to operate the IFMIS.

Government has set aside US$10m to replace the current one.

Malawi News sources at the Treasury said government, which targeted top five ranked IFMIS solutions—SAP, Oracle Financials, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, and Epicor– has settled for three which it is now evaluating.


“This is despite advice from the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP) to consider suspending the whole process,” the source said.

The Director of Public Procurement, Dye Mawindo, confirmed on Friday that indeed government approached his office for advice but could not be drawn into explaining what exactly his office was consulted on.

“We are regulators. When they have done the work we tell them whether they have done it in line with the procurement legal framework of this country,” he said.


He said after giving the advice, they have no control over what happens afterwards.

“We probably provide our advice but that advice is undertaken cognizant of the fact that we have no mandate. We can provide advice but it’s not that if someone does not take it we can go somewhere to sue,” he said

Treasury Spokesperson Nations Msowoya was noncommittal on the forgotten bid but only said currently the government is evaluating all the bids that were submitted.

“Since the process of evaluation is ongoing, it is unethical to disclose the names of the IFMIS system providers who applied and how they have fared. In line with the government procurement guidelines the results of the evaluation will be published in the local press and on the Ministry of Finance website once the results have been independently verified by all bodies who have a role in procurement matters,” he said.

Government started calling for bids through the local press of January 22, 2015 as it is hunting for another provider before withdrawing it on January 30, 2015 amid pressure for a number of anomalies that marred the whole process.

Government started calling for bids to have a new service provider that would replace SofTech, providers of Epcor software that has been in use and led to Cashgate.

In Ghana and Uganda Oracle is the software used for its IFMIS while in Zimbabwe it is SAP.

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