Malawi is a sham, disgrace


This is our message: Malawi is a sham; it is a disgrace of the highest order. And, sadly, that is an irreversible fact.

Why, for instance, should the Ministry of Local Government pocket allowances twice— from the Central Government coffers and the Mzuzu City Council? And we find the top echelon of that ministry being quite! Is it not high time we suspended those guys and institute independent investigations? Should operations of that council be affected just because ‘obscene’ allowances were paid out?

We, from the Crew, suspect that these things happen in many local councils. That, many times, big shots from the parent ministry demand allowances from the already struggling local governing councils. Is it fair to the citizens of this country?


And why is it that some top officials, ministers or indeed political leaders, are not rebuked when they goof or indeed act in a way that smacks of complete corruption?

Why should the government or party spokesperson go on air to back or defend useless acts or ‘corruption tainted’ transactions? What picture of our country or government are we painting? Should we say such acts are supposed to be the order of the day – or indeed, that “SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS” – the Animal Farm book philosophy?

Then, there is the issue of Malawi buying maize from Zambia, the so-called ‘Maizegate’. Shouldn’t government institute a thorough investigation? Does government’s continued ‘silence’ on the matter mean there is something in the deep water of its secrecy sea? Is it because some big guns are involved that we keep everything under wraps and leave it only to Admarc to be backing itself?


Our Crew is bitter, we are not only disappointed but paralysed by these ‘inhumane’ acts that hinge on ‘killing poor, food-less Malawians’.

What type of country can accept that it’s poorest of the poor suffer by deeping deeper in their hole-punched pockets to buy maize at a very cosmetically exorbitant price, when they could actually buy it at around K6,000 per 50 kilogramme bag? And, mind you, the ‘questionable deals’ are not being questioned by the powers-that-be!

We, in the Crew, wonder why the ‘powers-that-be’ seem to be protecting the corrupt acts more [and they are many, according to the media and opposition] than the citizens, who vote for them, or whose taxes [from salt, water, zibwente, fizesi, mapanti, city rates, market fees, mphale etc] fund the luxurious lives the leaders and government officials lead. Indeed, these poor people fund the national budget that was abandoned by donors because of the same uncontrollable cancer of corruption?

Who is going to bail and liberate us from this disease of corruption? Our hospitals don’t have medicines, our kids don’t have exercise books and text books in their schools. Teachers are staying in grass-thatched shacks others call homes; our subsistence farmers don’t have fertiliser and farm inputs.

The poor man was by Parliament forced to borrow from some bank on the pretext that a local farmer out there would be able to use a tractor to prop up his or her harvest – so that he or she can graduate from a lousy subsistence village farmer to somewhere near a semi -commercial farmer. But, then, what happened?

Some big shots were availed with funny credit facilities to buy those tractors [mind you not by cash] at a very bottom low price. And, they continue being shielded.

Up to now, no one can point at real confiscated properties that can match a reasonable percentage of what was looted. My God! Yet, how many times have we heard of very poor rural village folks being sent to prisons for over 5 or even eleven years for simply stealing a bicycle or indeed a chicken? Is this a fair nation? Has it got the face of ‘protecting a poor man’?

Where are the authorities? Where are the parliamentarians? Where are the men of God?

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