Malawi needs self-moral cleansing


Mdzukulu, despite its considerable resource endowment, Malawi continues to barely subsist at the periphery of the global economy and cling to the margins of general world affairs.
Mere survival has become a daily struggle for the majority of Malawians afflicted by poverty and hunger, succumbing to preventable diseases and vulnerable to premature death and insecurity.
The reason is, mdzukulu, the country lacks ethical leadership.
The country lacks serious, ethical, incorruptible, sacrificial and visionary leadership which can inform and drive the nation forward to a preferred future.
Mdzukulu, Haggai Institute, lecturer and leader of leaders John Edmund Haggai said: “Leadership is the discipline of deliberately exerting special influence within a group to move it towards goals of beneficial permanence that fulfill the group’s real needs”.
But the political history of Malawi is replete with politicians – some with their astounding rhetoric – who had or have betrayed the trust and turned government into personal fiefdom they use to accumulate wealth for themselves, their family and their clan.
Such self-seeking rulers and their cronies, mdzukulu – ranging from relatives, advisers, religious leaders, media practitioners, academics, civil servants, party members, legal practitioners, concubines and all other opportunists of some kind – ironically, have amassed millions and billions in wealth while the poor sink deeper into poverty, living on less than a dollar a day.
Precisely, mdzukulu, the quality of leaders who have monopolised the show in the new democratic dispensation leaves a lot to be desired.
Many stakeholders are far from being impressed with the disposition of these self-acclaimed born again politicians. It is not uncommon for one to hear critics of contemporary Malawian political leaders saying that what has changed in the new democratic dispensation is simply the script.
The writers, directors and actors, mdzukulu, in the new political play are the same old faces which used to act in the previous regimes. In a more worrisome scenario, the old actors seem to be grooming some younger disciples who are acting in exactly the same way as their mentors.
In other words, the bad political practices and policies which were put in place some two decades ago are still being cherished and implemented by contemporary political leaders who are failing to change.
Mdzukulu, failure by such leaders i s being manifested in hitchhiking from one ruling party to another, forming reactive political parties out of frustration and in an attempt to survive economically, monopolising and abusing public resources and reluctance to retire from active politics on one hand and desire to stay longer in office on the other.
The larger picture which emerges with sublime clarity in all these trends is that of political opportunists who are bent towards utilising every available opportunity to stay within the political leadership circles and enrich themselves.
What is happening in People’s Party with the likes of Uladi Mussa, Ralph Jooma and some other cartoons thereabout pulling one side while the party is pulling in the opposite direction is just an embodiment of Malawi’s politics of the belly.
It is the abuse of party positions for merely personal gains, a thing, mdzukulu, that helps to promote greed and corruption.
Mdzukulu, it is a clear sign that what the country needs at this juncture is a catharsis of self-moral cleansing.
Otherwise, decadent politicians will continue to sink Malawi even deeper into decay and self-inflicted poverty.

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