Malawi Police raise security alarm


Malawi Police in the Northern Region have raised security alarm during the coming festive season and have since asked for resources from stakeholders to enable them provide security services for citizens.

The police admitted at a meeting last week that they do not have the capacity to handle security during the festive season because they lack resources like fuel and vehicles for patrol although they have enough officers.

Commissioner of Police for the North Martha Suwedi on Thursday asked for help from stakeholders who had come to attend a meeting on community policing resource mobilisation which took place at the regional headquarters.


“I must ask the corporate world and well-wishers to bring your resources towards security services as we are approaching Christmas and New Year Festival. Remember that during this period, thugs take advantage of people’s enjoyment by breaking into houses, shops and offices,” she said.

She added that the resources from the well-wishers will go towards the intended purpose.

“We promise to be transparent and accountable with the resources. We can only achieve crime-free region by working as a team. We are ready to deploy our officers for the festive season but help us with resources,” she said.


Church and Society of the Livingstonia Synod of Church of Central African Presbyterian Executive Director Moses Mkandawire said it was sad that the police have admitted that they are not ready to provide security during the season.

Mkandawire said the citizens have the right to get proper security hence relying on the stakeholders’ resources is putting the lives of people at risk.

“It is unfortunate that our police are incapacitated not only here in Mzuzu but in the whole country. We see very few police vehicles patrolling the towns. Some officers just walk with a stick and without reflectors. They do not have enough resources. This is bad for the citizens’ security,” he said.

At the meeting Northern Region Water Board Representative Eric Ndamala faulted the police for asking for resources every year but fail to account for such resources.

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