Malawi Revenue Authority hails One Stop Border Post

Wilma Chalulu

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has said the inauguration of the One Stop Border Post (OSBP) initiative would help ease crossboader trade.

Early this month President Lazarus Chakwera and his Zambian counterpart Hakainde Hichilema launched the Mchinji-Mwami OSBP.

Malawi is also set to roll out other OSBPs at its other borders such as Dedza and Mwanza.


In a written response to a questionnaire, MRA Marketing and Communications Manager, Wilma Chalulu, said the facility would cut time wastage thereby facilitating easy flow of trade.

OSBP brings predictable, simplified, transparent and harmonised procedures,” Chalulu said.

She said the benefits that the OSBP will bring are numerous even to road transport operators, shippers and customs agents.


According to Chalulu, there will be reduction in delays at borders and in operating costs. She added that truck turnaround times is expected to improve translating to greater asset utilisation, among other benefits

On the benefits to the tax-collector, Chalulu said the OSBP is facilitating joint examination of consignments with the counterparts which means there is better resource utilisation through improved cross-border cooperation and sharing of information and operational.

Speaking during the launch of the Mchinji-Mwami OSBP facilities, Chakwera said the OSBP is good news for travelers and traders.

“It is good news for our economies. It is good news for regional cultural and economic integration. It is good news for investors. It is good news for neighbourly harmony and solidarity,” Chakwera said.

The Malawi leader said the OSBP brings convenience for travelers and drivers, who now need only to make a single stop to be processed through.

According to Chakwera, the OSBP brings streamlined processes by consolidating border control functions so that exit and entry formalities are done simultaneously in a shared space.

On his part, Hichilema called for a quick meeting of ministers of Homeland Security of Malawi and Zambia to resolve the issue of numerous roadblocks.

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