Malawi Sister Society donates K3 million toilet blocks to school


By Thabi Kamwangala

The Malawi Sister Society, an organisation established to provide support to women in Savings and Credit Cooperatives (Saccos), over the weekend donated items worth K3 million including two toilet blocks to St Mary’s School for the Blind in Karonga District.

The toilet blocks have eight toilets each. The group also donated learning materials, mosquito nets, sanitary pads, bed sheets and clothes.


Chairperson of the grouping Rose Nyambi said the Network would continue to assist marginalised communities.

“It is at the heart of the network to give back to the communities to bring valuable change,” Nyambi said.

Headteacher for St Mary’s School for the Blind Geoffrey Kayange described the donation as timely.


“We are thankful for the donation. The school only had one toilet that was used by 27 students and they had to take turns to access it. This will help the students do better in their education without excuses of missing classes because of toilets and lack of learning materials,” Kayange said.

Global Women’s Leadership Network is one of the equity and inclusion initiatives established in 2009 by World Council of Credit Unions, to provide women in the credit Unions or Sacco’s arena with a safe forum to discuss issues to further their professional and personal journeys. There are 149 sister societies in 28 countries, including Malawi.

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