Malawi starts Sustainable Development Goals review


Malawi has launched the 2022 Voluntary National Review (VNR) on the progress of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whose report will be presented to the United Nations in July this year.

The VNR provides an opportunity for the country to reflect on action needed to achieve Agenda 2030, which is in line with the 10-year Malawi Implementation Plan.

The process, of which the National Planning Commission (NPC) is the secretariat, was launched in Lilongwe yesterday.


Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Sosten Gwengwe said there was a need to focus more on SDGs that would promote building a strong and sustainable productive base to increase the fiscal space and retire huge debts.

“May I also emphasise that a key component of the VNR process should indeed be identifying initiatives being implemented by both State and non-State actors that are working and accelerating the various SDGs in the country. These will require scaling-up.

“In a country that has social media mostly pre-occupied with negativity, it is such success stories that will instill hope in all,” he said.


He further called on the need for the 2022 VNR process to be inclusive.

UN Resident Coordinator Shigeki Komatsubara hailed the Malawi Government for undertaking the second VNR process following the first one in 2020.

He said it is a clear demonstration of the Government’s commitment to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and achievement of the SDGs, also bearing in mind that the goals are already domesticated in the Malawi 2063.

“As a tool for accountability, this VNR process is key to strengthening national ownership of the SDGs, promoting transparency, inclusivity and participation in implementing, monitoring and reporting on the SDGs.

“Therefore, through the VNR, Malawi will be strategically placed to share its experiences, including successes, challenges and lessons learned, with a view to accelerating the realisation of the SDG,” Komatsubara said.

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at NPC, Austin Chingwengwe hailed the development.

“Countries are not limited to those five SDGs, they are at liberty to add on the SDGs. For instance, Malawi will take all the SDGs,” he said.

The indicative cost of the VNR is pegged at US$ 188,675.

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