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Malawi: The virgin tourist destination

INTERESTING SPOT— Mulanje Mountain

After Mulanje District, the Malawian adventure will not be complete if you do not swim in thewarm, blue, fresh waters of Lake Malawi. The country has one fresh lake, Lake Malawi, and three inlet lakes, namely, Chiuta, Kazuni and Chilwa.
The bus drive from Blantyre to Mangochi will take you four hours. The road from Blantyre to Mangochi has a rich vein of Malawian traditions.
The common sight is that of women wrapped in traditional Malawian chitenje ‘wrapper’. You will also not miss the artware and handcraft merchandise skillfully displayed along road kiosks.
Zombawould be the next good stop over. Even if you arrive at night, you will not be up for a lonely night as the town that used to be Malawi’s capital city during the British rule has some interesting tourist spots.
Most of the Victorian houses that once housed the British administrators are now part of a flourishing hospitality industry, now serving as lodges and restaurants.
However, of much interest would be a visit to Ku-Chawe just on top of Zomba plateau.
The trout farm on the plateau and Chingwe’s hole have been some of the wonders that have made the Chawe adventure a must-not-miss for tourists in Malawi.
The Emperor’s View just on top of the plateau offers you a rare opportunity to view places as far afield as Mozambique. What is more? Such a view at night offers you the tonic to appreciate the view of distant towns below.
“My Malawian experience could not have been complete without the Kuchawe sojourn; the tour to the plateau on a fair evening gave me an opportunity to enjoy a rare Malawian experience,” said Catherine Pereira, a Canadian tourist.
As you go to your final destination, Mangochi, you will find a lotof merchandise that would be good for take-home souvenir.
Namwera Turn Off, for one, offers a wide variety of sculptures and paintingsof high quality.
For AngelaTamayenda, a Malawian national staying in the United States, a stop at Namwera is a must. There, she usually buys her American friends some African crafts from this part of Africa.
“Every time I come to Malawi for holidays, I make it a point to visit Namwera to buy some artwork. My American friends always appreciate these,” she said.
She said the unique thing about the arts and crafts at Namwera was that they had straightforward themes.
By the time you arrive in Mangochi, you really would have understood why the accolade the Warm Heart of Africa befits Malawi.
The beautiful lake, birds and nice people you meet on the way could have long made their way into your camera. Sure enough, and the beauty of Malawian culture fully embedded in your bone marrow.
However, the best time for a nice Mangochi experience comes in the evening. Most resorts in the lakeshore district organise scintillating cultural activities targeting both tourists and the local visitor.
Dances such as Gule Wamkulu, which Unesco recognises as a protected cultural heritage from Malawi, dominate in the evenings.
Just do not flit with a frying pan of commercial sex workers who flock into this area looking for the cash in the pleasure and fan.

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