Malawian sets pace in event planning in USA


United States of America (USA)-based creative Kettie Melissa Mtawali has made headway in the world of event planning.

Her prowess in the trade has captured the attention of a lot of people.

Melissa Mtawali has since set up a company known as Luntha Event Planning and Consulting.


“It has been a long-time passion for me to organise events and, all along, it has always been a success,” she said.

Melissa Mtawali said the company will be responsible for organising activities such as music concerts and bachelorette parties.

She also said, as a minister of God’s word under Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), she will also be involved in church activities.


Melissa Mtawali has since set August 16 for the official launch of the company saying this also happens to be the day her sister, the late Cheu Mita, was born.

“I chose this day for the launch to also celebrate my sister Cheu Mita’s life,” she said.

Melissa Mtawali said Luntha will start its operations in USA before spreading to Malawi.

Recently, Melissa Mtawali was also part of a taskforce that was behind the country’s 57th Independence Day celebrations at Natick Massachusetts driven by the New England- Malawi Association under the theme Stronger Together.

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