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Malawian wins bronze in Kyokushin tourney

PROMOTING MALAWI’S IMAGE—Samala (centre) and Saeluzika (right)

A member of Malawi’s Kyokushin Kenbukai Kan Karate, Joseph Samala, has won a bronze medal during a two-day Japanese Ambassadors Karate tournament held at OYDC in Lusaka, Zambia.

Kyokushin Kenbukai Kan Karate Branch Manager (Malawi) Kelvin Saeluzika said Malawi should have collected two medals but Edgar Lali suffered a blow after his opponent was disqualified for illegally injuring the Malawian.

“I am so excited today to announce that we are coming back home with a bronze medal. Sempai Joseph [Samala] ended on third position in kumite [tournament] that attracted eight countries.

“Sempai Edgar [Lali] would have also secured a medal if it wasn’t for an illegal jodan tsuki [foul] which landed on his left jaw and left him with a deep cut inside his mouth rendering a disqualification to the opponent. Although he insisted on carrying on with the next fight, I insisted on stopping him from fighting with an injury,” he said.

Saeluzika said they plan to hold more workshops to promote the sport in the country.

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