Malawians dared on self-reliance


As the country continues to face numerous socioeconomic challenges, head of the Lilongwe Archdiocese of the Catholic Church, Archbishop Tarcisio Ziyaye, has challenged Malawians to explore means through which they can be self-reliant.

The withdrawal of direct budgetary support by Malawi’s development partners continues to prod different stakeholders to push for a robust local resource mobilisation and implementation strategies.

And in an interview after presiding over the celebration to mark Kanengo St Francis’ Parish’s 40 years of evangelisation, Ziyaye said begging is embarrassing because it limits one’s freedom of doing things the way they want.


Ziyaye said the country has a lot of potential which remains untapped and went ahead to challenge Malawians to be the architects of their own development.

“I know that this country has a lot of potential. Look at Mulanje Mountain which has a lot of water which we can use. We have the agriculture sector which we can develop. But more important is education which is key to development.

“Our country has a lot of potential and we should use that potential in order to develop ourselves. We should not keep on saying ‘we are poor, what can we do?’ We should not be happy to be beggars,” Ziyaye said.


He also urged the church to explore the self-reliance way, saying even though the assistance from outside is always welcome, time has come for Christians to explore means of supporting themselves.

“If everyone feels they have the potential to do something on their own, we have the capacity to develop ourselves. In fact, when you fend for yourself, you have your dignity and are happy that you are able to do things on your own,” he said.

Different observers have also urged Malawians to be self-reliant so that the country can move out of poverty. According to the observers, no country in the world has ever developed by relying on the support of others.

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