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Malawians deserve transparency


To be placed in a position of authority then treat the people that put you there as educated fools is unacceptable for the ‘seat warmers’ we call government leaders!

As taxpayers, it is rather disturbing to hear that the people who have been placed in these ‘kingly thrones’ have absolutely failed to account for money obtained in the name of development projects.

Goodall Gondwe’s failure to provide details for loans obtained since 1994 arouses questions as to whether these projects actually took place and whether the newly assented to Access to Information Bill will really be something to be enjoyed by Malawians.


We already have a lot of shady organisations syphoning money in the name of development, but now it seems even the government cannot explain what development they brought to this country.

In addition to that, not only should Honourable Gondwe be one not to defy Parliament’s motion; his position also means he should be able to account for the finances of our ever-growing cold Warm Heart of Africa.

This government continues to show Malawians that the choice of electing the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) into power in 2014 was not one to celebrate at all.


All the promises, corruption and downright arrogance that DPP keeps denying, place question marks on what they are really doing to develop this nation.

Take the Access to Information Law for example. It was promised during the 2014 tripartite elections campaign, passed and assented to in 2017 but is yet to be implemented.

This law, which has been anticipated for and promised since the 1900s, is something that would lead to transparency of what really happens in our public sector. Yet here we are, unable to access loan details that should have been available since the first loan was obtained in 1994.

This is disturbing.

Let Malawians get what they deserve!

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