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Man arrested for patricide

POLICE in Mchinji have arrested 21-year-old Peter Frederick Jeulani on suspicion of murdering his father on Saturday, April 22.

Mchinji Police spokesperson Kaitano Lubrino said Peter suspected that his father, Frederick Jeulani, had ritualistically jinxed him with epilepsy in order to become rich.

“Jeulani’s wife told us that the deceased returned from drinking and went straight to sleep and at around 6pm.  Peter then sneaked into the house and hacked him four times with an axe,” he said.

Lubrino said the body of Jeulani was taken to Kapiri Mission Hospital where it was confirmed that he died due to loss of blood from damaged tissues.

Lubrino said Peter has been accusing his father of bewitching him and has since been looking for an appropriate occasion to take revenge.

“Preliminary investigations have established that Peter who is epileptic has been complaining and accusing his father of being responsible for his sickness. As a result, he has been seeking an opportunity to eliminate his 40-year-old father,” he said.

Lubrino said after the incident, Peter handed himself in at Kapiri Police Unit in the district.

Peter, who hails from Kiliati Village in Traditional Authority Dambe in Mchinji will answer murder charges

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