Man kills own family and shoots himself


52-year-old man in Blantyre City’s Zingwangwa Township on Sunday night shot dead his wife and step-son before killing himself.

The man identified as Charles Chipanda killed the wife, Grace 44, and son, Gift 14, on suspicion that the wife was going out with other men.

Spokesperson for Blantyre Police Station, Elizabeth Divala, said the pol ice found a pistol and nine live ammunitions on the scene of the incident.


Divala said they also found a confession letter which both the wife and husband co-signed.

“In that letter, the wife was confessing that she was going out with other men while the husband was asking for forgiveness from relatives for the killing of the wife and the child due to the wife’s behaviour,” Divala said.

The three bodies are currently at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital for postmortem.


The neighbours that we spoke to on the scene yesterday afternoon, said the family started quarreling at around 7 o’clock in the evening of Sunday and the disagreement went on deep into the night.

“When their next door neighbours went to the house for some mediation, the man told them that it is none of their business. So they went back to their respective houses,” one of the people we found on the scene said.

The neighbour said the man was also accusing the child of being a woman’s shield in the process of cheating.

“It seems he was beating them simultaneously before shooting them. In the morning, people were surprised to see that non-one came out from the house.

“After sometime, the neighbours notified the couple’s relatives who came and peeped through the window. That’s when one of the relatives noticed that something was amiss and alerted the police. When police came, they had to force the door open as there were chairs that were piled on it and that’s when they found the dead bodies,” the neighbour said.

But nobody is said to have heard the gunshots

Chipanda, a businessperson who owned a sachet liquor shop in Zingwangwa Market, hailed from the area of Traditional Authority Chowe in Mangochi.

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