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Mandevu to welcome New Year with traditional events

IMPRESSIVE—A youthful group entertains people during one of the festive season activities recently

Mandevu Farm in Machinga has organised traditional activities that are set to offer people entertainment on New Year’s Day.

Mandevu Farm Manager, Sarah Membe, said they thought it wise to give people a treat on New Year’s Day.

The traditional activities on New Year’s Day that are part of preserving and promoting the country’s culture are part of the festive season activities that Mandevu Farm lined up.

The New Year ’s Day traditional events will mark the climax of the festive season activities which started on December 21 2019.

“We at Mandevu organise celebrations during most of the holidays like Mother’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Christmas and New Year’s Day. So, being a time where we will be celebrating the New Year, we thought of holding traditional activities,” Membe said.

She added that apart from traditional activities, people will also be treated to traditional foods.

“We have food such as nkhunda, kholowa, Chambo, kalulu, smoked bombe, dzikanyanga and chigwada which people do not have them often. So this is a chance for them to eat such food. We are also giving a chance to people to sample traditional dances such as Gule Wamkulu, nyani, gologolo and m’bwiza,” Membe said.

She said that people will also be treated to music from Mandevu Farm Band.

One of the people who patronized some of the events held during Christmas, Wellington Kassam, said he enjoyed the traditional dances and that he was looking forward to sample them again on New Year.

“I enjoyed the traditional dances during Christmas. I should commend Mandevu for putting together such traditional events. We rarely watch traditional dances in most cases,” Kassam said.

During Christmas, some people travelled all the way from Blantyre to watch the activities.

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