Marching to misery


By Madalitso Musa

After the 2019 elections, Malawians were really and truly mad. They did not want to have a regime that had brought enormous terror to and on their lives anymore.

The streets were littered with stones of fermented anger. Away with them! Away with them! That was the tune of that time. There was energy filled to the brim in the chalice of disgruntlement.


And there was overflowing hope in the tide to better days. Malawi marched and marched with unmatched resilience. They voted the arrogant and corrupt Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) out. They voted for the Tonse Alliance.

Today, what has become of us? A very sorry State whose citizens wish they could play the Biblical Elijah and just be catapulted up there in some mystical chariot.

It will only take one madman to think that things are alright in this country. It will even take one madman to think that posing with the elite of this continent at some summit is a clue to our problems. The problems are huge and need huge and honest brains to solve.


Look here, at the visit to one of the shops in the country, I noticed with shock an instruction that no one should buy more than two bottles of cooking oil. The pretty lady said we are not allowed to because we cannot, as a nation, import more. My foot!

Now here is the story and the question behind this.

The story is that we are a silly nation that has, since independence, failed to be forthright and choose leaders who can stand for us and have a better Malawi as their first tick on the boxes of priorities.

What we have and have had, hate it or like it, are leaders that have been there with legs astride and allow foreigners to run affairs.

Take, for instance, we have devalued our currency by 25 percent, which means, in layman’s terms, we, the locals, the not-so-blessed, will be 25 percent poorer because we are dependent on the Bretton Woods institutions

I know that those close to the throne will be affected. But they are lucky for the kingdom of thievery is close to them.

I usually talk of leaders because these are people who enjoy the luxuries that come with our taxes and are up there forgetting where they came from. If you ask most of them when they last paid for anything, they will nod and walk away with that aura of nonchalance.

Now let us come back to this; this is a court matter and I should not comment on it. But, there are all indications that corruption is rapidly munching our national fibre.

Our leaders are corrupt and they are surrounded by the corrupt. They know it and their cabal really has a way to promote and utilise it.

But the problem is that it is not just them; it is also on those who surround them.

Price of commodities have hit rocket high; we cannot have those promised three meals a day. Life is tough for those who marched in protest of the old regime and those who wished it remained. There is no better Malawi.

Whatever my dear Malawians were doing that period was only a matter of marching to misery.

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