Maseko’s sigh


With Richard Chirombo:

Sometimes, it is good to be Emmanuel Maseko.

Surprised? Do not. I am talking of the gospel artist who launched the album Mwayenera on January 1 this year in Mzuzu.


Now, Maseko is not an artist who believes in ‘follow what I say and not what I do’ mantra. No. He is a man who wants to live the Bible in its full form.

The Bible commands us to love our neighbour. I think this means loving others, not just those we know. You know what happens sometimes. An individual can be staying close to people he or she [remember, I do not use ‘they’] does not know. Irrespective of that, such people are still neighbours— whether they are worthy neighbours is another thing.

In line with the love your neighbour words, Maseko decided to ‘love’ some ‘neighbours’ from Blantyre and wherever— namely Ethel Kamwendo- Banda and Favoured Martha— who he invited to perform in Mzuzu.


Now, Maseko is not just a good neighbour who ‘loves’ free-of-charge. Now, I do not know where the harm is in loving free-of-charge? Some people are difficult to understand! Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha !Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha !Ha!

That is why he agreed to pay Kamwendo-Banda K150,000 and Favoured Martha K180,000. Of course, in his own words, he paid Kamwendo-Banda K130,000 in advance and Favoured Martha K150,000 in advance. I am talking of appearance fee.

But, sometimes, things do not go according to plan and the two artists did not show up.

This is despite that he put the two artists as baits on posters, knowing that, Mzuzu being a starved city, entertainment-wise, patrons would turn up in droves.

In droves they turned up; patrons. Just that the ‘neighbour’ artists did not turn up.

Well, I can imagine patrons fuming at a hapless Maseko, demanding a refund of gate charges.

We will destroy the maize crop in your garden, I can imagine one patron shouting.

Ah, that’s going too far. Remember I am a gospel musician; meaning, you must be Christian to be here. Why behave like a pagan? I can imagine Maseko hitting back.

Bwanji tivule Chikhristu timenyane yamanja [Why can’t we remove the cap of Christian for a moment and sort each out like boxers]? I can imagine one saying.

At which point, I can imagine, Maseko thinking of his next move. Should I flee? No, we have equipment here. The patrons may destroy the equipment. Let me keep my cool. I will reason with them!

Well, as Maseko said, all is well that ends well. He managed to sensitise patrons to the situation and, thanks to Mzuzu’s warm-hearted patrons, they understood the situation.

I suspect that the patrons understood Maseko because he had just done his tithing settlement two days before [you know January 1 was a Tuesday, New Year’s Day].

Now, there is relief in timely settlement of tithes, you see? Ask Maseko! Ha !Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha !Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

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