Masm bemoans fraudulent claims


The Medical Aid Society of Malawi (Masm) has asked its members to always verify before they sign claim forms at partner clinics to reduce cases of fraudulent claims and bills.

This came out during a breakfast meeting Masm organised for existing and potential clients in Blantyre on Friday.

Masm Chief Executive Officer Sydney Chikoti said the society has realised that when most of the members seek medical attention they do not take interest in checking what that clinic is billing for them.


“We want our members to be sure of what the clinic or hospital are charging them. They must be aware also that they have limits, for example, if you have K70 million per annum it doesn’t mean that amount is wholesale because within it there is a limit for consultations, a limit for laboratory; so, every time you seek help these resources are being drained,” Chikoti said.

One of the members Victoria Masanje said she was impressed with services the society was offering but agreed to some suggestion that came from other members.

“Further they need to consider introducing cash back benefits because some of us would take the whole year not using our cover; so, we should be able to get something back,” Masanje said.


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