Massive transfers at Blantyre Synod

GAMA—Expect more transfers

Massive transfers have been reported in Blantyre Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP), a month after the synod held general secretary (GS) and moderator elections.

The synod’s GS, Reverend Billy Gama, has said the transfers were normal.

“Sometimes we transfer 40 or 50 ministers at once. In fact, you should expect more transfers in June next year under my leadership, which will be based on pledge performance, good governance in the church, numerical growth and development of the church,” he said.


Gama said the transfers had been made following consultations with the synod’s nomination and placement committee.

Gama himself has been transferred from Mulanje Mission to Nkowa CCAP.

In total, 38 ministers have been transferred to churches, with Reverend Demester Mthipera, formerly of Balaka CCAP, retiring.


Mthipera challenged Reverend Masauko Mbolembole for Synod Moderator post alongside Reverend Edna Navaya.

Navaya has been transferred from Kachere CCAP in Blantyre City Presbytery to Balaka CCAP.

Reverend Baxton Maulidi, who was Gama’s closest challenger for the GS position, has been transferred from Mount Pleasant CCAP in Blantyre Presbytery to St Andrews CCAP in Chikwawa Presbytery.

Reverend Colllins M’bawa, who also challenged Gama in the elections, has been transferred from CCAP General Assembly to St Sanjika Prayer House.

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