Mathews Chikaonda for hospital fees


Prominent economist and Group Chief Executive Officer of Press Corporation Limited Mathews Chikaonda has blamed financial woes and drug shortages prevalent in Malawi’s public hospitals on the adoption of an unsustainable business model by government in running public hospitals in the country.

Chikaonda has observed that most government hospitals are struggling to provide services to the nation because they do not have facilities that allow those on medical cover to pay in exchange for the services that they receive from the hospitals.

According to Chikaonda, instead of running hospitals on a model akin to charity and fully relying on the national budget to fund public hospitals, the government should instead introduce a fee-paying policy at its hospitals for those that can pay for the services while using that money officers from the building sometime back, Msowoya argued that the fact that government has been paying rentals all the years it has occupied the building, shows its commitment.


He could not disclose how much government owes Mpico, saying the exact amount would be known after the meeting between the two parties. However, impeccable sources said the money was in excess of K2 billion.

When in the afternoon we sought to know the progress that had been made so far on the matter, Msowoya said the meeting was still ongoing “such that the details are not yet available”.

Mpico officials, whom we visited at their own offices which are just a short distance from Gemini House, refused to comment on the matter.


The sealing of Gemini House comes at a time when government is struggling to fund different ministries, departments and agencies due to the shrinking resource envelope which is becoming almost unsustainable in the absence of direct budgetary support from donors.

As we went to press, unconfirmed reports indicated that the offices had been opened after a consensus between Mpico and government.

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