Mawu Religious Desk chair publishes book

CHIKWAKWA—It is hard to publish a book in Malawi

Malawi Writers Union (Mawu) Religious Desk Chairperson Raphael Chikwakwa has finally published his first book which is in Chichewa titled Chinsisi Cha Banja. Chikwakwa said Wednesday that he was excited to have published his first book although he was quick to say that it was difficult for writers in the country to publish books.

“I started working on this book long time ago and it tackles various issues with the main theme being marriage. I have observed that marriages are not lasting and so I had to look at the issue on a bigger picture as to why this is happening,” Chikwakwa said.

He said he had researched well and that he has also used the Bible quoting various verses in the book.


“It has been hard for me to find money to publish this book but God has been faithful and now I have the book on the ground. Let me also say it again that it is difficult to publish a book here and it is very expensive and this is why writers in the country are finding it hard to publish otherwise writers have manuscripts that are gathering dust,” he said.

Chikwakwa said he was also happy that he has led the way in publishing a book as a leader for the Religious Desk. “This is not the last one, I am also working on another book which is in English and if all goes according to plan, I should have it ready by the end of this year,” he said.

The 128 paged book looks at topics such as ‘What is marriage?’ and ‘Choosing a partner’. “In the book I am talking about issues that are not concerning only people, who are in marriage but also those who are about to get married and those who are in relationships,” Chikwakwa said.


He then urged writers not to give up but rather come out and show their potential. “It is hard to publish a book in Malawi but let us not give up. For those writers, who are still working on having their works published, let them join Malawi Writers Union (Mawu) to know more on how they can publish their works,” Chikwakwa said.

He said in order to reach out to everyone, he decided to have the book in Chichewa and not in English. Mawu President Sambalikagwa Mvona has since hailed Chikwakwa for publishing his first book saying this has shown that the Religious Desk has a strong leader. Chikwakwa, who is a pastor and pursued theological studies was born on October 10 1955 and once worked as a journalist at Blantyre Newspapers Limited from 1983 to 1997.

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