MCCCI describes Malawi government as a rotten head


The Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) has said businesses in the country are suffering because the government which is supposed to provide economic policy direction is just a ‘rotten’ head.

MCCCI Chief Executive Officer, Chancellor Kaferapanjira said this Wednesday in his presentation to the delegates at the two-day Public Affairs Committee (Pac) 5th All-inclusive Stakeholders Conference in Blantyre.

Kaferapanjira said the government should stop accusing other people of not providing alternative solutions to the challenges rocking the country and instead provide direction.


He said government keeps on telling people to provide suggestions what to do on the challenges the country is experiencing but government officials never listen.

“The economy we are in is obviously characterised by a number of challenges and when you are in such a situation, you expect the government to deliver and when it is not delivering we can blame it.

We can only provide suggestions but the government is responsible for the provision of favourable environment.


“I know there has been a talk for all of us to take responsibility, yes, but there should be a leader. The fish rots from the head. If the head is rotten it affects the whole fish and because the government is the head that is rotten obviously the whole system becomes rotten,” Kaferapanjira said.

He said high interest rates, depreciation of the kwacha, high inflation rates, government’s failure to pay private sector arrears were symptoms of government in distress.

Kaferapanjira said the business environment in Malawi is so bad that companies are now closing, retrenching workers or relocating to neighbouring countries.

“High inflation rates are hitting business hard, currency depreciation is hitting businesses, high interest rates are discouraging borrowing but the government is behaving as if there is nothing wrong and some companies have just decided to move to countries where their businesses will prosper,” he said.

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