MCP accuses DPP of office arson


By Taonga Sabola & Pilirani Kachinziri:


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has accused Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of having a hand in the torching of the opposition party’s Southern Region headquarters in Blantyre on Sunday evening.

But DPP spokesperson, Nicholas Dausi, has laughed off the accusation and urged MCP to report the matter to police.


MCP president Lazarus Chakwera made the accusation during a press briefing which the party’s secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka and other officials also attended.

“Malawi is a peaceful country with a peace-loving people, and if your hope in this attack is to destabilise the country, you have failed. Malawians are sick and tired of the thieving DPP government which has robbed them of their birthright and has lost all legitimacy to govern,” Chakwera said.

“And if your hope in this attack is to dim the ray of hope that the people see in MCP for their deliverance, you have failed. Malawi Congress Party is a law-abiding institution, and if your hope in this attack is to provoke us to commit lawless acts of violence in retaliation against DPP so that it can declare a State of Emergency and restrict the right of Malawians, you have failed.”


Mkaka claimed that DPP Cadets had, in recent times, been involved in the damaging of the party’s office.

“If you catch somebody stealing your goats twice, thrice or four times, when a goat goes missing, you know who has done it.

“Not long ago, our offices were damaged in Blantyre in broad daylight by DPP Cadets. We do not need to struggle to find out who has petrol-bombed our office. In as far as we are concerned, it is the DPP,” Mkaka said.

Southern Region Police spokesperson, Ramsey Mushani,Monday said police were investigating the matter.

MCP also brushed aside an olive branch offered by DPP to end the political impasse in the country, saying it could not discuss with people it believes robbed it.

DPP Southern Region vice-president, Kondwani Nankhumwa, declined to comment on the matter Monday.

Meanwhile, MCP Southern Region secretary Peter Khofi Monday estimated that goods worth K38 million had been damaged during the attack on Sunday evening.

“We have been told by the watchman that, at around 10pm, he saw vehicles but he did not suspect anything until he saw the fire at around 11pm,” he said.

“According to our regional treasurer, it is estimated that we have lost goods worth K38 million. This includes damage to the building.”

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