MCP accuses Peter Mutharika of dividing albinos


By Serah Makondetsa:

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has accused President Peter Mutharika of dividing persons with albinism in the country.

MCP Publicity Secretary Maurice Munthali made the remarks following Mutharika’s interface with a group of people with albinism dubbed Poor and Concerned People with Albinism (PCPWA) Thursday at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.


The meeting, which Association of Persons with Albinism (Apam), rejected was aimed at discussing ways of how to end the abuses targeting persons with albinism.

Munthali said, while it was a good idea to meet persons with albinism, dividing their voices will not solve their concerns.

“It is good that the President had to meet these people but there a few concerns from MCP and the concern, first of all, is why has the President chosen to divide and rule a society that is endangered, he should have met them together. The divide-and-rule should not be a policy that is championed by the President,” he said.


Munthali further accused Mutharika of implementing ideas that were said by MCP president Lazarus Chakwera a few weeks ago.

“Secondly, the whole President was waiting for opposition leader to come up with answers it shows. We feel that the President has always been sleeping on his job. Our president Chakwera talked about the K3 billion. Why release the money now and the mention of gadgets.

“And, all along, the President did not pay attention to the security of persons with albinism, how is he going to build the houses now when he only has a few months in office?” he said.

Responding to the divide-and-rule accusations, Mutharika’s press secretary Mgeme Kalilani said other parties have chosen to be political with the plight of persons with albinism.

“The President called all stakeholders that are genuinely concerned about ending killings of persons with albinism, they responded positively and attended the successful interface.

“The MCP president and his colleagues that have chosen to be playing politics with the problem of people with albinism killings should not waste well-meaning Malawians’ time with empty noise. He should stop acting like an attention seeking-baby,” he said.

Kalilani described claims that Mutharika has implemented MCP’s ideas as a childish claim.

“The one making the claim is old enough to understand that he does not have monopoly of ideas. Their utterances are petty. He is just crying over spilt milk because he and his colleagues that are using this problem for political gain thought reasonable persons with albinism and other well-meaning Malawians were not going to meet the President and discuss this important issue

“They are disappointed that there is progress towards ending this problem,” he said.

Among other issues during the meeting, Mutharika said government would buy 3,000 gadgets for persons with albinism to be used to alert the police of any possible danger to their lives.

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