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MCP not our biggest problem, DPP government is


The oldest party in the land, MCP, is in serious trouble and total disarray.

Its founding four cornerstones of unity, loyalty, obedience and discipline have been highly compromised.

There are serious questions as regards what is causing all the chaos.


But although MCP lost the State House, it came out of the 2014 elections as a strong and united official opposition party ready to play its constitutional role of checking the excesses of DPP.

The loss was not embarrassing at all as the difference in votes between President Peter Mutharika and MCP candidate Lazarus Chakwera was less than 500,000 votes.

In short, MCP came out of the 2014 general elections as a robust political grouping that was poised to give the ruling DPP a run for their money as the country limps towards the 2019 general elections.


From nowhere all this has imploded. There are court cases raging before judges that do not make any iota of sense. The once solid team is disintegrated with firebrands such as Jesse Kabwila out in the cold.

Then you have the chief executive of the party, secretary general Gustave Kaliwo penning a scathing nine-page ‘pastoral’ letter to his own president that leaks to the media before it even reaches the recipient and he answers it.

There are more questions than answers to MCP problems. For example, what should drive MCP chairmen from far flung districts such as Nkhotakota and Mchinji to be commuting to Lilongwe days on end just to hear some case in which they are taking their own leadership to the cleaners to force it to call for a convention? What is in for them and who is funding them and why?

Then there are new faces in the battle such as Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma who we have never heard before but is now breathing fire against MCP leadership and you just do not know what is happening and why they are doing this with all the gusto they can muster.

There can only be one beneficiary to the confusion and hullabaloo in MCP and it is the DPP government.

The DPP would be happy that as a diversionary tactic Malawians are now wasting time discussing how bad things are in MCP and leave it scot-free to mess this country as it wishes.

But you see, our biggest problem is not MCP just like it is not Joyce Banda or Kamlepo Kalua for that matter.

Rather, our biggest problem are the various ills that have engulfed this country and its people yet tragically the government we chose in 2014 led by President Peter Mutharika has no clue on how to solve them.

You do not just see characters in the DPP government having any willingness, stamina, passion, determination, plan, vision and ability to confront the daily problems that hardworking Malawians are worried with about such as energy, water, economy, drugs, food etc

Rather, what you see is more of the same and life goes on.

The President would for a week or so forget about the fact that Malawi is the poorest country in the world and hire for himself a nice comfy jet to fly in comfort and opulence to the United States for the UN General Assembly to discuss the abroad-made sustainable development goals (SDGs) that stand no chance of ever being met in view of the more immediate needs that Malawians have that render such luxuries irrelevant.

Most of his ministers and aides have no idea why they are in government if not to engage in corruption and fraud as they peddle influence for government contracts to the highest bidder.

They then go about messing up parastatals such as Escom and water boards, threatening bosses with dismissals unless they give them unmerited contracts for themselves, family and friends.

In the end Malawians suffer the dire consequences of such underhand deals.

These are the biggest things that Malawians should be worried about as regards their country and not MCP which will sooner than later wake up and do its job of holding DPP government to account for its actions.

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