MCP, UTM accuse DPP of rigging plot

Mgeme Kalilani

A group of concerned youth from UTM and Malawi Congress Party, under the banner of Kokoliko, Tuesday exposed what they claim to be President Peter Mutharika’s plot to rig the July 2 2020 presidential election.

Secretary of the group, Daudi Suleman, alleged that Mutharika is abusing the National Registration Bureau to register children under the age of ten as people of above 18 of age in Mwanza, Thyolo, Mulanje and Phalombe districts.

In an open letter, the group alleges that through Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority, Mutharika has forced telecommunications companies to provide Virtual Private Networks at State House with the intent to intercept data transmission going into Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) system.


“It is with these very same links that they have opened access to the mobile phones of the Malawian population as well as putting Mec infrastructure at a capture state. Your rigging agent is just waiting to pounce on the vote data and massage it to your advantage,” reads the letter.

The group also alleged that both Democratic Progressive Party and United Democratic Front agents are confiscating national identity cards from people in rural areas, deceiving them that they are meant for registration of loans in the Central and Northern regions.

Suleman said the plot is to delete the data in the National Registration Bureau (NRB) system which they described as a setback to the social and economic development of the country in the future.


“The NRB data is key that provides very useful insights to the planning and delivery of social and economic services in any country. Your plot to distort, delete, inject new data into key public resource is poisoning the future economic profile of our country,” he said

The letter to Mutharika also speaks of the President’s engagement of foreign agents and counter intelligence on members of the general public.

Mutharika’s spokesperson, Mgeme Kalilani described the allegations as baseless.

“This is not the first time these parties have chosen this path. It’s almost a pattern similar to last year’s allegations. We know that this kind of baseless allegations are being peddled because they are afraid of the coming elections. If they have evidence let them come and prove what they are saying,” he said

The group also called on Mec Chairperson Jane Ansah to step down and allow the country “to have a free and credible presidential election”.

Mutharika and Mec are challenging the Constitutional Court judgement which called for fresh presidential poll within 150 days from February 3 when the court delivered the verdict.

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