Meck Mwase and his beloved mop


With Richard Chirombo:

Who said men, no matter how moneyed, should be kept away from ‘dangers’ of the kitchen and such other ‘soft’ conceits as mopping, sweeping and the like?

Definitely, such an individual was misinformed.


Needless to say everyone has a stake in ‘house’ issues, and Malawi national football team coach Meck Mwase is no exception.

You see, his busy schedule notwithstanding, Mwase spares time to think about what matters the most: home.

And, so, it was this week that, despite the former TN Stars mentor having a busy schedule— I mean, monitoring players during training sessions at Mighty Be Forward Wanderers, Nyasa Big Bullets, Mighty Tigers Football Club, Civil Sporting Club, Silver Strikers and other Super League teams— the gaffer found time to, of all places, go to Chichiri Roundabout and, of all things, buy a mop!


Yes, mop!

And Mwase, being an affable guy, did not even bother to bother anyone with the ‘soft’ conceit that is the task of carrying the mop for him, maybe at a fee. Not Mwase. He carried the mop alone, fromthe famous shopping centre at Chichiri Roundabout to wherever he was going.

The way he walked with the ‘brand new’ mop: slowly, clad in a Flames replica jersey. Mwase was surely proud of the mop-carrying task! Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!H a!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

So respectful was he to the mop on Tuesday this week that he nearly carried it with both hands. No, not with both hands. He carried it with his right hand, the way a defender carries the match-ball seconds before taking a corner-kick. Or, put the other way, the way an on-field player carries the ball before taking a throw-in.

Surely, Mwase has, apart from tending national team players, time for other things that matter in life.

The home, of all places, should be the first place to feel our warmth, whether one is male or female.

And no task should be frowned upon.

That is why, perhaps, Mwase led by example on Tuesday.

But, then, why did the national team coach choose to go to the famous place where people shop whatever-it-be alone? Oh, I remember now, the national team is not in camp!

That is why he has been monitoring players at their clubs!

But my prayer is that the government, which has been working on his contract in collaboration with Football Association of Malawi, should not ‘smuggle’ into the contract a term such as “you shall be required to shop your own mop, and carry it along in public; otherwise, we shall be obliged to terminate the contract”. Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Remember, each ha! represents a tribe of Israel!

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