Mec’s CEO sweats during examination


The constitutional court Thursday took a short break to allow Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) Chief Elections Officer (CEO) Sammy Alfandika to catch his breath after he was noticed to be perspiring during cross-examination.

Alfandika was being cross-examined by Bright Theu, legal counsel for first petitioner, UTM president Saulos Chilima.

Justice Mike Tembo had asked Alfandika who is Mec first witness if he was comfortable to continue being cross- examined.


This was after Theu had observed that Alfandika was sweating.

Alfandika said he was okay and that the court could continue with the proceedings. The court then adjourned for 15 minutes to allow the witness to relax.

After the break, Alfandika said considering that heat from the sun was hitting directly to his dock, he asked the court to allow him to be cross-examined while sitting to which the court consented.


Before Theu started cross examining Alfandika, the Mec CEO was cross examined by UTM legal counsel Marshal Chilenga.

Alfandika started his testimony by saying that the commission is of the view that the elections were free and fair and that President Peter Mutharika won the elections legitimately.

He said petitions of UTM president Saulos Chimima and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera were therefore “baseless and unfounded”.

Alfandika told the court that the electoral body did not know where tippex came from as the commission had never bought the correctional fluid.

“My lady my lords, the commission including myself were surprised where the tippex came from and that is why the results went through a lot of scrutiny,” he said.

Upon being questioned, Alfandika also said that some alterations were made in the absence of monitors. He argued that even though the monitors were not present when the alterations were made, it was easy for the monitors to track the results as they already had them.

During the course of the cross-examination by Chilenga, Alfandika said auditors did not audit some results because they were not signed by relevant officials.

“Many of the tally sheets were rejected because of manual amendments. Later, Mec provided an official letter to approve any manual amendments on the tally sheets and forms that were used at the tally centers,’ Alfandika read part of the sworn statements.

“Would you confirm that you wrote the letters to approve what the auditors had rejected?” Chilenga asked.

“My lady, my lords, I confirm,” Alfandika responded.

The case, in which Malawi Congress Party and UTM are disputing the May 21 presidential elections results, is expected to conclude on December 6.

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