Medical scheme is a must


It is shocking to learn that some Super League clubs are reluctant to join a medical scheme initiated by the Super League of Malawi (Sulom).

Sulom general secretary, Williams Banda, said they would engage the clubs to knock sense into their heads on the importance of joining this medical scheme.

The death of Big Bullets player, Douglas Chirambo, early this year, sparked controversy and when it was realised that the player was not on medical scheme, Sulom promised that all the Super League players would be put on the scheme.


Sulom treasurer, Tiya Somba Banda, and his committee initiated the process at a lightning speed after receiving pressure from the general public.

Clubs were expected to pay K64, 000 per season for the 30 players it registers. This gave the soccer fraternity ground for hope that players’ welfare was being taken care of.

It is, therefore, disheartening to note that the clubs are not willing to part K64, 000 for the scheme per season. Until another disaster strikes it is when the clubs would start panicking.


It is easy to forget what happened to late Chirambo because all is well, but when such a disaster strikes again critics would be on Fam and Sulom’s neck castigating them left, right and centre forgetting that it is the fault of the clubs management.

Seriously, should we say clubs do not know the importance of putting players on medical schemes? Does it require the whole Sulom general secretary to teach them the importance of putting players on medical scheme?

The issue of medical scheme should be treated with utmost urgency and seriousness.

Clubs should not mess with players’ lives. In fact, Sulom should have put this as a pre-condition of registering the clubs into the Super League.

Those men in suits who run the clubs have very good medical cover and some of the money used to pay their medical schemes is stolen from the players’ coffers.

Do not forget that to these men in suits when it comes to money words like ‘shame’ and ‘dishonour’ seem to have lost their meaning.

This attitude of our football administrators confirms that Malawians football woes are not at the grassroots, where the game is steadily improving, but at the summit.

It is essential to keep at bay these greedy men in suits whose clubs are failing to register for the scheme, before we experience another disaster.

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