Meeting of artistic fire

Benedicto Wokoma-atani

Legendary poet Benedicto Wokoma-atani Malunga and talented musician Faith Mussa will this Sunday share the stage at HS Winehouse in Blantyre in a rare meeting.

From Zomba, Wokoma-atani comes down to Blantyre having also performed in the commercial city last Sunday at Golden Peacock where he was also the guest of honour during the launch of a book Southern African Plays II by dramatist Smith Likongwe.

While the veteran poet will make a short trip to Blantyre, Faith will make a long trip from Lilongwe to offer his music having been out of the stage for some time.


Wokoma-atani is set to use the stage as a warm up as he gears to release his latest poetry collection Ulaliki Wamoto this month end.

He described the show this Sunday as a meeting of artistic fire and gun powder.

“Faith Mussa operates at another level and so, this is a combination of me and him ready to bring out the best of music and poetry. We will perform at a high level and whoever patronises this event will be treated to a sumptuous meal,” Wokoma-atani said.


He said he was geared to give people an end to end real poetry for poetry lovers.

“I am happy to have an opportunity to give people a sample of Ulaliki Wamoto for them to see what it is all about. There will also be other new poetry verses for people to sample,” the creator of ‘Siananso Awa’ and ‘Ndizakutengera Kunyanja Ligineti’ said.

Faith said he was looking forward to the show having been out of the stage for a long time.

“We, as artists, have been silent for a long time due to Covid. So, I am looking forward to this show which is also one way of interacting with fans. Benedicto Wokoma-atani Malunga is a legend and so I am happy to share the stage with him,” the ‘Mdidi’ star said.

He said he will perform alone without a band and that he will also have a moment to share other new songs he has released during Covid times.

“It will be an interactive performance and I am also looking forward to performing with Gresham Mokwena, who I collaborated with,” Faith said.

In these Covid times, Faith said it has been hard for artists in the absence of shows and that they have missed the stage.

“Apart from this challenge, it has also been a good time for me for writing and composing songs. It has been a creative moment. I am also a farmer and so I focused my energy in that,” he said.

HS Winehouse Publicist Emmanuel Maliro said they will continue to follow the Covid measures until the situation normalises.

“We want to give people the best through art and give artists a platform,” Maliro said.

Last Sunday, HS Winehouse hosted performances from saxophonist Dan Sibale, Tawonga Tadjja Nkhonjera and ethno-musician Waliko Makhala.

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