Michael Usi warns against mixing of traditions


Minister of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife, Michael Usi, has asked traditional and cultural leaders to jealously guard against mixing of cultural beliefs and dances they are identified with.

Usi observed that lately, there has been attempts by the present generation to blend their cultural and traditional dances with foreign dances.

The minister made the remarks in Salima District on Tuesday during his familiarisation tour of park activities under the Department of National Parks and Wildlife.


During the visit, Usi, who is also an artist, handed over a house to Maganga LEA School in the district.

“Cultural and traditional dances are supposed to be our valuable treasure for attracting tourists to our areas. Therefore, any attempt to mix our dances with foreign dances will have huge effects on tourism in Malawi. Our dances need to be original because it is this originality that will attract the attention of tourists,” Usi said.

He lamented that cultural heritage is one area that people have overlooked for a long time as many people now do not pay attention to their cultural heritage any longer because of Western influence.


“Our culture is our identity. We all have to go out to show that we protect our cultural heritage for future generation. We must desist from embracing and adopting anything Western even when it is in conflict with their cultural heritage,” Usi emphasised.

Traditional Authority Maganga admitted that some people have a low esteem for their cultural and traditional dances.

But Maganga assured that traditional leaders will work with the government in ensuring that people should start valuing their cultural heritage and its place in community development and national economic growth.

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