Microsoft unveils Surface Duo


The reason why Microsoft is not the front-runner of the computer technology industry today is because of its nearly second-rate performance in the smartphone market space.

Initially, Microsoft got too intoxicated with huge success in the PC era to forget the adage that nothing really lasts forever.

In 2014, Microsoft almost got it right; acquired Nokia Lumia and for a moment the Windows Phone was infused with life and vigour.


Windows Lumia was not just any other phone but a small Windows computer at your fingertips; it behaved in the same way your desktop, laptop or tablet did.

The excitement did not last, Microsoft decided to kill Windows Phone on January 14, 2020.

Microsoft bemoaned that there were much fewer developers willing to write apps for Windows Phone.


Google Android and Apple iOS smartphone software had more apps available than Microsoft would ever dream to have for Windows Phone.

This situation forced Microsoft to abandon Windows Phone and made a heroic decision to join Google Android.

Being more of a software company than hardware one, this was strange.

It was at this point late last year when Microsoft announced that it would launch Surface Duo Android smartphone.

And it is now ready and going on sale on 10 September, 2020.

Surface Duo is a bendable smartphone/tablet combo. It has a pair of 5.6 inches OLED screens.

Unlike Samsung Galaxy Fold, Microsoft attaches the two displays to a sophisticated 360 degrees hinge than just making one block screen bendable. This is some ingenious engineering.

The beauty about this is that the design allows Microsoft to protect the OLED displays with glass that gives them the shine and sheen finish.

Otherwise, Samsung has no choice but to use plastic instead as glass is not bendable.

When fully stretched, Surface Duo has 8.1 inches viable area. Microsoft Surface Duo is attractively much thinner; 4.8 mm when stretched and 9.9 mm when folded into half. This beats the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold2 which is 16.8 mm thick.

Microsoft Office is preloaded. For the other Android apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube, you will need to go to Google Play and download them.

Don’t forget, this is an Android smartphone, in the first place.

The downside is that it is propelled by last year’s Smartdragon 855 chip and has no 5G support.

How much? You are probably asking. Not cheap. $ 1399 for 128 GB storage or up your offer by $100 and get the 256 GB storage version.

The price is steeper considering that the same can buy the likes of Samsung Galaxy S20 with 5G support and much better storage capabilities.

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