Mighty Mukuru Wanderers fans challenge board

Chancy Gondwe

Dust is refusing to settle in the Mighty Mukuru Wanderers camp as some disgruntled supporters have faulted the club’s board for implicating fellow supporters in a Juju case.

This comes just a day after the club released names of supporters suspected to have been involved in pouring liquid substances on Mafco players during the first leg of the 2022 Airtel Top 8 Cup quarterfinals at Kamuzu Stadium early this month.

Football Association of Malawi (Fam) charged Wanderers for bringing the game of football into disrepute (in line with Article 67 of the association’s Disciplinary Code) and bullying opponents, in line with Article 22.13 of the 2022 Airtel Top 8 Cup.


However, some supporters asked the club to withdraw the letter to Fam denying the charges.

“We are shocked by your letter to Fam in which you have unprofessionally sacrificed the supporters. This is shocking and we ask for an apology from you.

“As supporters’ committee which is elected by genuine club supporters, we say this is not acceptable. You are our leaders and should protect us,” the letter from the supporters reads.


A letter from Wanderers to Fam, dated November 17 2022, advised Fam to punish individuals instead of the club.

On Monday, the club identified six supporters namely Dennis Chitsulo, Anthony Chawanda, a Mr. Meke, a Mr. Goba, a Mr. Lyod and Peter Mvalo as alleged supporters behind the misconduct during the match.

“We urge Fam to summon those specific individuals and hear their side of the story as their conduct was not sanctioned by ourselves. We are ready to provide any assistance needed in your investigations as you proceed with the disciplinary hearing of the cited individuals,” reads the letter signed by Wanderers Board Secretary Chancy Gondwe.

However, Gondwe was not readily available for a comment Tuesday.

When contacted Tuesday, Chitsulo, who is one of the fans implicated in the matter, declined to comment.

“This is an internal matter and we will discuss it as a club,” he said.

Another accused supporter, Llyod Makandanji, said he would comment at an appropriate time.

Chawanda was also reluctant to comment on the matter.

Fam also charged Mafco with bullying and threatening match officials, in line with Article 22.13 of the Airtel Top 8 Cup and Regulations and Article 59 of Fam Disciplinary Code.

In addition, striker Richard Mbulu of Mafco is accused of threatening match officials.

For a long time, local clubs have paid fines for the action of their supporters.

However, Article 22 of the 2022 Airtel Top 8 Cup indicates that clubs are responsible for the actions of their supporters, officials and players.

The Nomads have a 2-0 advantage over Mafco ahead of the return leg at Chitowe Ground this Sunday.

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